Jonathan Forney

I am a coach, researcher, climber, dancer, musician, and yoga teacher. My life and work are devoted to growth and deeper knowledge of the self. Many of my clients are people who have become estranged from their emotions and the wisdom of their bodies. Restoring emotional and body-awareness paves the path for deeper connection to the self and to others. My mission is to mentor others toward, deep presence, fearless leadership, and authentic relating.

My approach to coaching is eclectic. Every client is unique, and we set coaching objectives together. I teach self-examination and healing tools that include somatic experiencing, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and mindfulness/awareness approaches. Most of this healing work is focused on identifying and shifting old patterns of thinking and behavior. One of my gifts is the ability to identify important fears or burdens that lead to protective patterns. I am also adept as spotting energetic leaks or imbalances, and I use a set of powerful images or metaphors to characterize these, including yin/yang, masculine/feminine, personality archetypes, and the chakra system. 

I am an IFS-informed coach who is in the process of studying to become a clinical psychologist. I have been trained in individual coaching and group facilitation through a year-long mentorship with Nina Camille (creator of Experience Freedom), and I have completed her Master Coaching certification which included over 500 hours of instruction, immersion, and practice. I am also a certified yoga instructor (RYT 200 hours) and certified breathwork coach. My personal growth practices include daily meditation, pranayama, and reflection, along with weekly individual and group therapy. In the past four years, I have invested over $50k in coaching, mentoring, and personal growth experiences, all of which contribute to my capacity to expertly mentor others.

Beyond coaching, I have an established career as a researcher and survey methodologist, focusing on monitoring and evaluating humanitarian/aid programs in sub-Saharan Africa. I continue to serve as the Director of Research for Forcier Consulting, an Africa-focused research firm. At Forcier, I oversee the technical aspects of a 2-million-dollar portfolio of survey research, stretching across Africa. During my work at Forcier, I have specialized in the generation of high-quality data and analysis in some of the world’s most challenging human environments. I hold a PhD in Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia and have published in peer reviewed journals on the topics of civil warfare, non-state armed groups, and survey methodology.